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Looking to Create a Healthier Indoor Environment? Let Us Help You by Meeting Your Green Cleaning Goals!

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Green Cleaning and environmental responsibility are here to stay, not like twenty years ago when the environmental movement was just a fad that came and went. At that time, being introduced to earth friendly cleaning products meant higher product costs and milder cleaners that needed more elbow grease to get the job done. Today however, the increasing demand for environmentally friendly products, and the awareness of the benefits of Green Cleaning has enabled manufacturers to lower costs and improve the effectiveness of these cleaners to meet the budget and performance requirements needed for maintenance professionals.

Green Cleaning is defined as cleaning to protect health without harming the environment. The market demand for Green Cleaning has grown rapidly in recent years because of the concerns about poor indoor environmental quality that is negatively effecting the health of building occupants. The increase in childhood asthma, declining test scores, absenteeism, higher medical costs, and lower productivity all have some basis in poor indoor environmental quality which impacts business, education, and our everyday lives. There is a safer, healthier way to improve indoor environmental quality by implementing a Green Cleaning program, and NAPS Company can help with the products and services we have to offer. Green Cleaning transcends beyond equipment and chemicals choices. It includes examining your entire cleaning process and identifying areas that need improvement, developing a plan and procedures to carry out the plan, policies, training, executing the plan, and measuring the results. By choosing cleaning methods, products, and equipment carefully, addressing contaminated areas, reducing the on-site storage of toxic chemicals, and introducing higher standards for effective cleaning, janitorial cleaning can perform a real environmental service. A well-designed Green Cleaning program will provide effective cleaning with safer products, create healthier buildings that reduce environmental impacts and be a contributing factor in better performance and productivity by building occupants.

NAPS Company can help you implement a Green Cleaning program with the quality products, services, and knowledge we have to offer. We understand the importance that effective cleaning procedures and products, proper training and cost effectiveness are vital to the success of a safe, healthy Green Cleaning program. We believe that cleaning for health first and appearance second is the best way to improve indoor environmental quality while protecting the health and well-being of building occupants and workers. We take great pride in the relationships we have with our vendors who have also embraced Green Cleaning and environmental responsibility. The environmentally preferred products we choose are carefully selected for performance and are Green Seal certified, EPA registered, and considered environmentally friendly.

Featured Products

cleaning products

Cleaning Products

We are an authorized distributor for EnvirOx who are the innovators of environmentally preferred technology. We stock their entire line of EPA registered, Green Seal certified, and environmentally preferred cleaning products. Their unique, patented technology offers customers an easier cleaning system, by consolidating the amount of cleaners that are currently being used, and provide a cost effective, healthier way to quality cleaning while creating a safer environment where people live, learn, work and play.

paper products

Paper Products

We stock a complete line of quality roll towels, folded towels, toilet tissue, wipers and facial tissue that meet the environmental standards needed to have less impact on our environment. We can also help create a healthier washroom environment by offering touch free dispensers that reduce waste and improve hygiene.

trash liners

Trash Liners

We inventory a full line of trash liners from Aluf Plastics that are manufactured using over 90% recycled materials which conserves natural resources, saves energy, and reduces solid waste, air and water pollutants. Aluf Plastics has teamed up with Microban International and developed a custom engineered antimicrobial solution to help their liners resist the growth of microorganisms. They added Microban to their Pro-Lene, Coex- Supertuff, and Super-Lene liners. The Microban additive inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria on the bag which improves indoor air quality and provides a healthier working environment, and because it's built in during manufacturing, it won't wash off or wear off,  providing continuous protection for the useful lifetime of the liner. Microban is registered by the EPA for all applications in which it is utilized. Aluf is the only manufacturer that offers this antimicrobial protection on trash liners.

hands washing

Hand Washing Systems

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control, hand washing is the single most important means of preventing the spread of infection. People are being told by educators and the medical community to wash their hands more frequently. Choosing a soap system that reduces water consumption and delivers more hand washings per case are very important issues. We can provide a cost effective, foaming hand soap system that will meet both those issues. We also stock a foam hand sanitizer when water isn't available.



We carry a full line of products to meet your matting needs. High-performance entry mats play an important role in Green Cleaning. Most soil entering a building is from the soles of people's shoes coming into the building. High-performance matting systems covering the first 12 to 15 feet at all entries and other key locations inside and outside the building, helps capture dirt, dust, and other contaminants. The result from capturing these contaminants is a preventative measure that protects the indoor environment and reduces chemical use and the time needed to clean.

Floor Care Products/Cleaning Equipment

For floor finishing, we offer Green Scene products from Simoniz that are Green Seal certified and provide a safer, healthier alternative to conventional floor strippers and finishes. We also carry the necessary cleaning equipment to make your Green Cleaning program a success. We offer energy efficient equipment like vacuums that meet the CRI's Green Label Program requirements for soil extraction and dust containment, extraction equipment that maximizes moisture removal, burnishers with active vacuum attachments to capture dust, and scrubbers that reduce water consumption.


Microfiber Products

Microfiber technology cleans better, getting into the nooks and crannies of surfaces that conventional mops and wipers cannot reach. Microfiber has a number of Green Cleaning advantages: microfiber products use less cleaning chemicals which will improve indoor air quality, they also can save on the amount of water used, microfiber pads can be changed frequently to reduce cross-contamination, and when used dry they do a better job of capturing dust that otherwise can affect the health of building occupants. The benefits of microfiber materials extend beyond their cleaning performance, because they are lightweight their safer for employees to use.

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