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Hot Melt Rubber Adhesive Carton Sealing Tape
• Industrial grade polypropylene tape effectively seals and protects cartons
• Hot melt rubber adhesive aggressively adheres to corrugated boxes and provides an excellent resistance to moisture
• Smooth release allows fast dispensing to seal more packages in less time
• Works well in temperatures ranging from 45°F to 120°F

1.7 MIL – tensile strength 23 lbs. per square inch – 2” recommended on cartons under 40 lbs., 3” under 50 lbs.
2.0 MIL – tensile strength 28 lbs. per square inch – 2” recommended on cartons up to 50 lbs., 3” up to 60 lbs.
2.5 MIL – tensile strength 36 lbs. per square inch – 2” recommended on cartons up to 60 lbs., 3” up to 70 lbs.
3.0 MIL – tensile strength 45 lbs. per square inch – 2” recommended on cartons up to 70 lbs., 3” up to 80 lbs.

3M Carton Sealing Tape
• 3M offers a line of the highest quality tapes in the industry for sealing cartons
• Quality backing will not tear or split, and hot melt adhesive sticks instantly, providing security that cartons are sealed tight
• Waterproof and weatherproof for added security
• Choose from 1.6 MIL, for light- to medium-duty applications, to 3.5 MIL for maximum protection

3M 369 – 1.6 MIL thickness – tensile strength 19 lbs. per square inch – light- to medium-duty applications
3M 371 – 1.9 MIL thickness – tensile strength 22 lbs. per square inch – most popular, medium- to heavy-duty applications
3M 373 – 2.5 MIL thickness – tensile strength 30 lbs. per square inch – extra heavy-duty applications
3M 375 – 3.1 MIL thickness – tensile strength 35 lbs. per square inch – when maximum strength is needed
3M 355 - 3.5 MIL thickness - tensile strength
67 lbs per square inch - the strongest tape

Carton Sealing Tape PVC
• Moisture-resistant 2.2 MIL PVC {polyvinylchloride} film provides maximum protection against tears and punctures
• No “chatter” – comes off roll quietly, smoothly, and evenly
• Rubber-based adhesive sticks instantly to cartons in hot or cold temperatures {0F-150F}
• Available in widths of 2” and 3”, in clear or tan
• Tensile strength 34 lbs. per square inch

Fiberglass Reinforced Paper Tape
• High-grade kraft paper reinforced with fiberglass yarns for superior strength
• Water-activated adhesive bonds securely to cartons, even if dust and dirt are present
• Recommended for sealing heavy boxes up to 70 lbs.
• Performs well in both hot and cold temperatures
• Only one piece of reinforced tape seals cartons
• Applied quickly with manual tape dispenser
• Available in white and kraft
• Choose from 375’ or 500’ rolls to load less frequently

Glass Filament Strapping Tape
• Glass filaments reinforce tape to provide superior strength and holding capabilities
• Low-cost alternative to steel and plastic strapping for unitizing and palletizing boxes
• Bundles metal bars, tubes, pipes, wood, glass, heavy cartons, and odd shaped products
• Secures loose parts during shipment
• Tensile strength is 175 lbs. per square inch

Masking Tape
• Industrial grade masking tape for packaging and closing, and light duty bundling.
• Sticks to all surfaces and comes off cleanly without leaving a messy residue; ideal for labeling all types of items.
• Resists bleed through and is easy to tear; ideal for non-critical paint masking.
• Available in a wide variety of widths from 1/2” to 3”.
• Tensile strength is 20 lbs. per square inch and 5.5 mils thick. High-shear.

3/8" x 540' Bag Sealing Tape
3/8" x 540' BAG SEALING TAPE
• 3/8” PVC tape comes in different colors for color coding items
• Use with bag sealing tape dispenser for easy bag closure
• Just twist top of bag closed and push through throat of dispenser
• Dispenser measures, cuts, and seals tape around bag
• Use trimmer on dispenser to trim top of bag, if needed