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Low Density Poly Trash Liners
• Manufactured from premium-grade, low-density resin and available in light, medium, heavy, xheavy, and xxheavy strengths
• Excellent tear and puncture resistance; ideal for both commercial and institutional use
• Rugged bags with superior stretch can comfortably withstand both sharp and heavy items, without zippering or tearing
• Packed in convenient dispenser carton in both black and clear  

Trash Liner Product Selection Guide

Light Strength Trash Liners
Lightweight trash loads; ideal for office wastebaskets that accommodate papers, wrappers, cups, etc.

Medium Strength Trash Liners
Economical option for medium to heavy trash loads in office or small kitchen areas that fill with light food items, cans, folders, mailers, heavier papers, etc.

Heavy Strength Trash Liners​
Recommended for small kitchen and warehouse trash receptacles that fill with wet papers, light food items, and discarded packaging materials

Extra-Heavy Strength Trash Liners
For heavier trash loads in institutional kitchens, warehouses, and outside trash receptacles. Recommended for heavy, sharp food items, wet corrugated, wood scraps, metal scraps, etc.

Extra-Extra-Heavy Strength Trash Liners
For your heaviest and bulkiest trash loads; ideal for heavy discarded sharp scraps and wet trash

Available in 4, 7, 7-10, 12-16, 20-30, 33, 40-45, and 55 gallon capacity! 
High Density Poly Trash Liners
• Provide extra strength at lighter weight
• Premium grade with outstanding dart strength
• Cost efficient; extraordinary strength and reasonable price for high volume users
• Depending on size, thicknesses are available in 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 22, and 24 micron
• Available in black and clear
• Confine odors
• Packed in convenient dispenser carton
Available in 7-10, 12-16, 20-30, 33, 40, and 60 gallon capacity!
COEX 3-Ply Supertuff Trash Bags
Coex 3-ply Supertuff Bags with Microban®
• Premium 3-ply supertuff bags available in xhvy, xxhvy, and xxxhvy
• Black outside/gray inside
• Star sealed bottom for leak-proof strength
• Made from environmentally-friendly recycled plastic
• Made with Microban® to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria on the bag
Microban technology is built-in protection for solid products, coatings and fibers. This provides an added level of protection against damaging microbes such as, bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause stains, odors and product deterioration.
Available  in 20-30, 33, 40-45, 50, and 55 gallon capacity!
Contractors Bags
• Extra-extra-heavy-duty black bags for construction and remodeling clean-ups, demolitions and contract cleaning
• 33" x 48" 3 Mil rugged bags with maximum puncture and tear resistance
Recycling Liners
Use these blue tinted RECYCLING LINERS to easily identify, separate and dispose of recycling materials.

• Made from super hexene which possesses super elasticity and strength to resist punctures and tears
• See-through blue tint to identify recycled items
• Most popular sizes packed in a convenient dispenser carton
Available in 12-16, 20-30, 33, 40, 40-45, and 55-60 gallon capacity!
Red Infectious Waste Liners
Use these RED INFECTIOUS WASTE LINERS to identify and safely transport hazardous waste.

• Made from 1.2 MIL 100% super hexene material which provides super elasticity and strength to resist punctures and tears
• Use in healthcare facilities, doctors offices and hospitals
• These bags meet or exceed the following DOT regulations for the transportation of infectious waste:
- ASTMD 1709-97 - impact resistance of 165 grams
- ASTMD 1922-94A - tear resistance of 480 grams in both directions
• Printed in both Spanish and English
Available in 7-10, 33, 40-45 gallon capacity!